Shoe marked with Wojas trademark is the shoe traditionally made of leather. We take care of every detail: attractive design, quality of used materials, production precision and what the most important comfort of your feet. In Wojas shoes you can go to work, go shopping, go on a trip and to opera opening night. You will find our chain store in your favorite shopping mall. Being in the shop we will help you to match attractive leather accessories. Our company was founded at the old premises of NZPS Podhale. At the beginning our company employed not more than twenty workers who produced thousand pairs of shoes a year. Nowadays, after 18 years, our company employs around 500 employees and manufactures over 550 thousands pairs of shoes. Until 2007 our company was known as Zakłady Produkcyjno-Handlowe Wojas, which was transformed into Wojas Joint Stock Company at the second quarter of this year. Since the very beginning our company has been characterizing with great development dynamics, resolute strategy and flexible acting. In 1990 the first Wojas store was opened, in 1997 Wojas Trade Incorporated was formed which took over Wojas stores and clearly developed Wojas chain. Nowadays Wojas shoes can be bought in our chain of almost 65 stores across Poland. Company development strategy also presuppose an increase of presence at foreign markets and increase of dynamics at our chain stores. Nowadays 20 percent of our production is exported – mainly to the USA, Ireland, Germany, France, Lithuania, Hungary, Russia (elegance shoes, special footwear).