PKO Bank Polski (UK)

According to official Home Office data 400,000 Poles have moved to Great Britain between the formation of the EU Common Market and March 2007.

Results of the opinion poll among Polish citizens working in Great Britain, regarding their use of banking services:

  • Polish citizens working in Great Britain use banking services to a considerably greater degree than average
  • Poles - according to an opinion poll carried out by PKO Bank Polski. So far most of our countrymen have used banking services to a limited extent, however emigrants don't follow this trend and are becoming increasingly interested in Financial Services beyond basic account functions.

PKO Bank Polski

is the largest and at the same time one of the oldest Polish banks. The Bank market position is strengthened by the largest sales network (1233 branches and 2300 Agencies) the ATMs network (2,1 thousand). Customers may also use the electronic banking services offered by the PKO Inteligo brand (2,3 million).

PKO Bank Polski is an unquestioned leader among retail banks: it has the largest number of retail customers (8 million) and current account (6,2 million) and it ranks first with regard to the number of bank cards issued (7,2 million). Furthermore, the Bank is an important partner to corporate customers, both small and medium enterprises, as well as large corporations. It has a substantial share in the market of LGU services offered to local government units, such as communes, counties and provinces. It is also the leading organizer of municipal bond issues.

In addition to strict banking activity, the PKO Bank Polski Group offers specialised services and is involved in the sale of various financial products, such as pension funds, leasing funds, investment fund units and electronic payment services.